Bernard Catalano

Bernard Catalano
Tunneling Business Development Manager North America - BESSAC

Expert dans les tunnelier avec une expérience internationale en passant par l'Europe de l'Est et l'Amérique du Nord, Bernard est un puits d'informations techniques sur les TBM & MTBM.

Bernard CATALANO is a French TBM specialist in soft ground tunnelling using all types of TBMs (slurry, EPB, open mode). With 20 years of experience in largescale excavation projects up to 64’ diameter,

Bernard's competence covers everything from TBM design development to work implementation, and from contract award to project completion.

In addition to soft ground tunnelling, many of the projects he's worked on have included transition zones (hard rock to soft ground, boulders), and/or involved extremely porous ground formations (K<10-2 m/s). Soil and soft ground excavation remain a cutting-edge technology, and Bernard was involved in pioneering the VD (variable density) TBM, creating alternative EPB excavation systems (intermediate mode between open mode to EPB, and slurry to EPB) and the improvement of soil conditioning additives to cope with unknown soft ground geology.

Bernard has therefore been mobilized in tunnel operation securitization and optimization as well as risk mitigation and project performance.

Having supervised in-house hyperbaric interventions for some 20 years, from hyperbaric team leader to hyperbaric consultant, Bernard has supported a new generation of deep hyperbaric intervention techniques as aided development of cutting tools maintenance.

Bernard holds a diploma in civil engineering from Lyon University (France).