Carbon calculator for CIPP relining

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Carbon calculator for CIPP relining (Version 2.2 - May 2014)

The "Energy Calculator" is based on a comprehensive Microsoft Excel calculation and is implemented with the help of this platform. The program is made up of different worksheets. The first is an input mask relevant for the user. Furthermore, the calculation tables for each individual method are located on separate worksheets. In addition, the "Energy Calculator" contains an overview and diagrams for showing calculation results.

The user manual describes the "Energy Calculator", a calculation template, which allows to determine the system-induced carbon emissions resulting from 3 different pipe relining methods and to compare them. By entering project-specific boundary conditions, the user is given the opportunity to predict the installation emissions for specific projects. Furthermore, it is determined for each method, the carbon emissions in the production of the liner in the factory and during transport to site.